Socks, Part 1

I love knitting socks. Ever since I cast-on for my first pair many years ago, I've been an addict. I love how portable they are as a knitting project on the go, and I love how practical the finished product is at keeping my feet dry even in wet conditions. (Oh no, not another post about rain?)

My preferred method is to knit in the round with two metal circular needles*.  I have knit many, many socks this way. Apparently, I've knit so many socks this way that I somehow have bent my Deutsche gemacht Addi Turbo needles beyond repair as evidenced in the photo below.

 My badly bent needle.

My badly bent needle.

But that wasn't enough to get me to put that needle down. No, it was the teething puppy that finally killed my needle. The cord is so chewed that the wool will no longer slide along effortlessly, as it once did. 

Does the fact that I'm sad about retiring this old needle make me crazy? Probably. But perhaps I'm not alone.  Share your stories about pets destroying knitting items / irrational attachment to objects / anything else on your mind in the comments below.

*I'll tell you about when I opt for a different type of needle for sock-making in my next exciting post. Hang onto your socks, folks!