Socks, Part 2

Knitting socks is hands down the best way to pass the time while in flight. Over the past nine (!) years since I first met my now-husband, I have flown across the Atlantic at least 20 times on top of countless continental flights. I know, I know - my life is so hard. But seriously, that's a lot of time to be airborne.  Thank goodness for sock knitting! Discreet, with no long needles to jab my unlucky seat mate.

Wondering how I manage to get  knitting needles through airport security  in this post 9/11 world? The secret is bamboo. The x-ray machines don't seem to pick theml My thanks to the Yarn Harlot for sharing this idea at the I Knit London talk (2009?) she gave while I was living in the UK.  As I'll be flying to Toronto tomorrow, I'll definitely be using my bamboo needles.

On the topic of socks, I'm thrilled that RainCityKnits Rain Drop Blue sock yarn is featured in the October Keep It Simple Sock (KISS) sock KAL on Ravelry. The Mystery KAL - with one clue revealed each week - was designed by the very talented Heather of Joey's House. We'll also be donating a skein of yarn to one lucky winner of the KAL at the end of November. Can't wait to see all those FO.

Lastly, I'm in the process of designing my own simple sock pattern so stay tuned.