A Journey in Self-Belief

When the idea of RainCityKnits came to me, I was excited. Excited by the prospect of designing yarn in colors that I loved. While I hoped that my products would appeal to others, I knew taste was a very personal thing.

Too often there was a nagging voice in the back of my head wondering if RCK was going to be viable. "After all, there are already so many people making beautiful yarn out there - why would people choose to support me?", I wondered.

Cue my big sister Rena, of The Red Fox and Gown and The Vintage Design Shop. While she and I share many similar interests, there is an area where we differ greatly. Confidence. Rena doesn't ask "Why me?". She asks "Why not me? Why shouldn't I be successful?". Granted, she doesn't expect overnight success, she works very hard. But she doesn't doubt herself in the way I often do around business decisions. She inspires me to believe in myself and my products, even when I'm not feeling it. Thanks big sis!

I received further affirmation this week when Wet Coast Wools - a brand new LYS in Vancouver's Kitsilano area - agreed to carry our yarn! The shop features lots of beautiful yarn, including fibre products from other local artists and I am very happy to be a part of this group.

All this is to say that I have learned a very important lesson about self-belief. Even though my default setting is to doubt myself, I am learning to push back against this. Self-confidence is a journey, but one well worth embarking on. And I'm pleased to be making great progress.

Do you doubt yourself? How do you deal with nagging thoughts?

 First delivery of yarn bundled up for Wet Coast Wools.

First delivery of yarn bundled up for Wet Coast Wools.