Knit City 2013: Thanks from Krista

I loved Sarah's post about Knit City - and not just because she was uber complimentary towards me.

She touched on something unique and wonderful about knitters*. There is a real sense of community within the knitting world. I love how two strangers can bond instantly over a shared love of the craft. I love how knitting gives me the opportunity to meet people, to forge friendships with people that I might not otherwise have the chance to get to know.

So thank you to everyone who came up to me and shared a kind word, made a purchase or even just sent a friendly smile our way during the show. This is what makes the fibre community so awesome!

A special thank you to three knitters who whipped up samples to showcase our yarns at Knit City. In no particular order:

Sarah VV, who did an amazing job on a sock with our Local Sports Team Self-Striping colourway. 

Sock in Local Sports Team as knit by Sarah V.

Sock in Local Sports Team as knit by Sarah V.

Judy G, who took on Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce Shawlette by Rena of The Red Fox and Gown. This shawlette was created using our Kaleidoscope colourway in Fingering Merino.

And Leslie D, who knit up Rain City Baby by Holli Yeoh in a high-contrast combo of Highlighter Yellow and Steel Grey DK Bluefaced Leicester.

Rain City Baby  as knit by Leslie D.

Rain City Baby as knit by Leslie D.

Great job ladies. 

*I use the word knitters as an umbrella term for all the fibre crafters (crocheters, weavers, spinners etc.) out there. No offense intended!