Trunk Show: Unwind Knit and Fibre Lounge

The past few weeks have been busy! We've had two trunk shows in a fortnight - the first of which took placed at Unwind Knit and Fibre Lounge on the stunning Sunshine Coast.

For those of you unfamiliar with the geography of this corner of British Columbia, the Sunshine Coast is accessed via a 40-minute ferry from the mainland. Below is a photo of the mountains showing off their good looks.

Typical view of Howe Sound

Despite its proximity, the Sunshine Coast is a world away from the hustle of the city and is a very popular destination for city-folk looking to relax*.  

*Fun fact: Edward and I got engaged on the Sunshine Coast, in a neat little town called Sechelt.

When I met Kim at KnitCity 2012 and we first talked about a possible trunk show chez Unwind, it was an easy sell. In fact, I was so excited about the Trunk Show on the Sunshine Coast that I created a new eponymous Self-Striping Sock Colourway

 Self-Striping Sock in Sunshine Coast

Self-Striping Sock in Sunshine Coast

Her shop didn't disappoint. Like Kim, Unwind exuded a calming energy. Painted in crisp white, the décor showcased the amazing variety of fibre on display. Unwind carries a lot of different yarns including but not limited to Briggs and Little, Debbie Bliss, Louet, Malabrigo, Sirdar as well as locals such as Indigo Moon, and Sweet Georgia. The selection is impressive!

In addition to running her shop and, as I learned that weekend, officiating weddings,  Kim also owns Aurelia Wool. From the website: " Our Corriedale is from one flock of 600 ewes in New Zealand, especially bred over the last 40 years for fine, soft wool and long staple.  It's perfect to spin Art Yarns and to make dazzling felts!"

 Squishy and huggable

Squishy and huggable

Jelly Bean Roving

Though I have never spun nor felted anything (intentionally), I have to admit that the gorgeous fibres on display made me want to learn! And since I learned to knit while living in NZ, I'm particularly partial to Kiwi fibre. 

I also had the good fortune to join in Fibre Friday and meet some pretty cool ladies.

Chatting and knitting

More knitting

One of them even solved a knitting mystery for me! As a left-handed knitter, I wondered why I couldn't occasionally fob off my project on a right-handed friend. Surely if they just knit when I would've purled etc., it should maintain the pattern? Wrong. WRONG.

I can't remember her name, but a fantastic lady figured it out. Turns out that if a right-handed person purls when a left-handed person would knit, the active needle goes via the back - not the front. It made all the difference! Thank you very much, mystery-solving lady.

And thank you to Kim for hosting, Karen for putting up with me during her busy shift  and to all of you who stopped by!


FYI: For customers on the Sunshine Coast, we are offering 10% off online orders pick-up at Unwind. Simply enter UNWIND at checkout in our shop. Orders will ship within a week of purchase and can be collected at Unwind. Why not save a few dollars and say hello to the good folks at Unwind at the same time?