Welcome Wolseley Wool!

We are so thrilled to announce that RainCityKnits yarn will very soon be available at Winnipeg's Wolseley Wool

When the ladies at Wolseley Wool asked if I could dye a self-striping sock yarn in their shop colours, I was super excited. The shop colours are a riot of bright colours and translated really nicely to yarn.

Several (dozen) hours later, this is the end result - 24 skeins of Wolseley Wool Self-Striping Sock. Apologies for the grainy photo below...


This order really reinforced the fact that each hand-dyed skein is truly unique. The shades, the pattern repeats are one-of-a-kind. To those who appreciate hand-dyed, not only is my realization beyond obvious, it's also a large part of the appeal behind hand-dyed. As a *perfectionist* dyer, however, this was a lesson in learning to find the beauty in the idiosyncrasies of each skein. 

Wolseley Wool will also stock our classic 75% Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon single-colour sock yarn. 

Thanks again to Wolseley Wool for taking us on!