Father's Day

We all know how hard fathers can be to shop for - and how stereotypical the gifts that the shops offer can be - tie, hip flask, or a golf-themed item here in North America.  I even heard an ad on the radio yesterday suggesting that you "Buy Dad a New Car for Father's Day!". Seriously? How do you top that the following year? 

Personally, I'm not into buying gifts just because the calendar says it's a holiday. Perhaps it's my modest upbringing or my family's zen attitude toward material goods (I suppose those went hand-in-hand). 

However, as I was sitting here skeining a City of Glass self-striping, it occurred to me that giving your dad a pair of handknit socks is a meaningful gift. The amount of time that goes into knitting a pair is considerable, certainly longer than it would take to pop around the shops and grab any of these items. (Hilariously, socks are listed as one of the worst gifts but they're not referring to handmade ones.) That's what makes a hand knit gift different than just another mass-produced item from a big box store.

With its cool colour scheme, our City of Glass colourway would make a great pair of socks for the dad in your life. Who says giving socks is lame?!

 Have you knitted for your dad in the past? If so, what did you make?