Churchmouse Shoulder Cosy + My Procrastination

Hey, remember how I went to Europe a couple months ago? Here's a story I've been meaning to share... 

The catalyst for our trip to Poland was the Christening of my two beautiful nieces, just outside of Warsaw. 

Beautiful nieces.

Since I knew the Christening would take place in a Catholic Church, I had started the Churchmouse Shoulder Cozy a good month before our trip to Europe.  I wanted something to cover my shoulders during the church service, yet practical enough for everyday use. Though I admire the intricacy of shawls, I knew I didn't have the patience or time to knit one. Shoulder Cozy it was!

The pattern claimed that it could be knit in an evening. About to cast on, I already felt a sense of smugness that I had allowed so much time to start the garment before the trip. Since I was using our DK Bluefaced Leicester in lieu of the recommended Worsted and Mohair combo, I knit a swatch to check for gauge and adjusted the number of cast-on stitches.

About twenty rows in, I realized that something was off. The diameter of the cozy was about a third larger than I anticipated. So I frogged it, cast on the recommended number of stitches in the pattern without adjusting for gauge, and started knitting again.

By this point, weeks had elapsed since I had first started the cosy. As I placed my work-in-progress in my luggage, I felt reassured that I had a full week between our arrival in Europe and the actual Christening date. 

With temperatures around 35 Celsius that entire week and a busy schedule of travelling around London and then Poland, I was in no mood to knit.  I was still calm, knowing that I only had the decrease rows left. It would take mere minutes.

Not knitting at the Hayward Gallery, London. 

I had it all planned out. I would finish the cosy the night before the Christening, after the family festivities. Queue my Polish brother-in-law who we rarely see and his bottle of vodka. One shot turned into a few and then I lost count. Both my husband Edd and I rarely drink at all these days, nevermind vodka. Needless to say we were not fit for purpose.

I don't remember falling asleep but I do remember waking up the morning of the Christening feeling rough. With less than an hour before we had to leave for the church, I made what seemed to be the sensible decision - to eat breakfast rather than knit. I thought to myself, there's a whole thirty minute ride to the church ahead. I'll get it done then.  

Battling crazy nausea as well as feelings of shame for being so disorganized with this project, I forced myself to finish the garment in the car. Luckily my in-laws were driving as Edd was looking pretty green too.  In my haste to finish, I did a simple K2Tog decrease figuring it was all the same. I literally finished off as we pulled into the church parking lot.  I felt pretty damn victorious. I had done it!

Churchmouse Shoulder Cosy in Electric Coral.

The I tried to put the cosy on. My head was too big for the hole. Desperate, I had my husband yank it down and I managed to get it on. (Note for anyone thinking of cheating and doing a K2Tog decrease - don't do it!)

We walked inside the church and I saw an endless series of bare shoulders. I'd worried so much about being covered up only to find out that many ladies were not.

Still, it was a worthwhile experience and maybe, just maybe, I learned a wee bit along the way (but probably not!)