Vancouver Summer Wind-Down

I have always said that there is no more beautiful place in the world than Vancouver on a sunny day. Sure, we've got the mountains, the water, and luscious greenery every which way we look. Those things are all great. But to me, Vancouver's true beauty comes from somewhere else. Somewhere, perhaps, a bit more intangible.

You see, there's a reason that Vancouver is nicknamed "Rain City." For the majority of the year we can expect to be doused in rain on the daily -even summers aren't safe. In fact, whenever people tell me that they're planning an outdoor wedding (or other activity, for that matter), they are always met with a wary glance. I know it's not just me; all Vancouver natives do this, it seems. It's as though we're saying, "are you sure you know what you're doing?" Even in the middle of summer, dry days are never  guaranteed.

Near the RainCityKnits studio on a sunny day. 

But something magical happens when those warm, sunny days occur. Something that doesn't happen in other, perpetually balmy regions. We seize the moment.  I remember an instance in which I was walking home from work on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. My neighbours (in my hippy neighbourhood of Commercial Drive) had moved their entire dining room table onto their front lawn. It was set with their finest glassware, candles, and silverware, and they had a bottle of white wine chilling in an ice bucket. Within a half hour, their friends, fresh from their respective workplaces, started arriving and they proceeded to have this Mad Hatter-esque dinner party until the sun went down at around 10:30pm. The whimsy of it all was debilitating. A friend from California remarked that you would never see something like that happen there -especially on a weeknight. Warm, sunny days are the norm there, you see. There isn't that same need to seize the moment.

A whole city mobilizing because of a radiant orb in the sky. Spectacular! 

And on a sunny Vancouver day, that's precisely what we do. Everyone has an extra bounce in their step. It's like the entire city falls in love simultaneously. The world seems kinder, gentler. Where else in the world do you get that? 

This summer has been a particularly lovely one. Heck, an entire July with nary a drop of rain? That's practically unheard of. As we now approach Fall, the cooler, wetter weather will surely set in, and that's ok. Without the bitter, how could we distinguish the sweet? 

Besides, what is so bitter about getting to pull out all our beautiful hand-knits once again?

Magenta Bluefaced Leciester. No big deal. Photo courtesty of Christy Kitsch

Magenta Bluefaced Leciester. No big deal. Photo courtesty of Christy Kitsch