Spring Cleaning: The Shop


We have been doing some almost spring cleaning around the online shop. Since we are a dye-to-order yarn company, we wanted our shop listings to reflect that we really are at your your command. 

Now when you visit le shop, you'll see far fewer listings initially. Fear not as all your favourite bases are still available...

Simply pick the colourway that you like. You'll see a drop down menu on the right-hand side where you can pick your yarn base as illustrated above. Details on each base is listed on the listing page. Pssst, all yarn colourways are available on all base options listed. How's that for custom ordering? 

Aurora Borealis Watermark.jpg

We're planning on adding several new colourways *and* new yarn bases in the coming weeks. We hope this reorganization makes for a more streamlined shopping experience. Follow us on Instagram to get a sneak peek and a chance at naming new colourways.