The sudden loss of a friend + former colleague is weighing deeply on me today. 

Justaxposing this feeling of heaviness are these cheerful skeins of yarn. Labelling these skeins is proving to be almost too difficult with fumbling fingers and a distracted mind. 

Faced with such contrast between the gravity of death and the triviality of dyeing yarn, I allowed myself to feel small and insignificant. What I create as a dyer will never give my friend a second chance nor will it change the order of the world.

My friend followed her passion and helped underprivilieged youth in a socioeconomically deprived area. The neighbourhood in which she worked is where I grew up; I know all too well the suffering that goes on there. The enormity of her heart created a positive change and lifted up so many people who had no one else to champion their cause. 

Trying to find sense in death is a struggle, but I'm determined if for no other reason that my own peace of mind. The lesson I'm taking is that I've been given the gift of opportunity to create and to follow my passion. Thank you Lori for teaching me that. You will be missed.