Weaving Workshop with Lucy Poskitt - Wednesday, July 8

When I first saw the weavings of multidisciplinary artist Lucy Poskitt, hometown hero, I was blown away.

I often think about the distinction between artisinal and art. When people refer to my work as art, I bristle and feel very uncomfortable with the label.  At best, I consider myself to be an artisan or a hand-maker. While I do love hand-dyeing fibre, I will be the first to say that the process is formulaic. I literally use a formula to dye my wool. Ain't nothing wrong with that either.

Back to my view on art. The term to me implies the piece carries a certain tone. that it was created with a level of ingenuity and a viewpoint on the world.  Lucy is a true artist. Her works speak for itself.

Lucy Poskitt 3.jpg
Lucy Poskitt.jpg

So when I had the chance to provide yarn for the first weaving workshop at Studio 126, I was so excited.  I also jumped at the chance to participate myself too and boy was it ever fun! 






The workshop sold out so quickly that they're doing it all again. Here are the details.

Weaving Workshop No. 2 | Wednesday July 8, 2015 | 6:30 - 9:30pm 

Because you've asked for it, we've booked another weaving workshop taught by Lucy Poskitt and using the stunning yarns from RainCityKnits.

 During this 3 hour workshop Lucy Poskitt will teach you the basics of frame loom weaving and you will start your own weaving on a hand-made loom. Tools & materials hand-picked by Lucy Poskitt will be provided to take home along with an instructional booklet.

If you want to join in the fun (and you should!), you can register here. Space is very limited.