Great Northern: The Log Lady Sweater and RainCityKnits

 Guest Post by Teresa Gregorio of Canary Knits

I love the bright, bold, weird, and unusual.

That’s probably why I like the cult-classic tv show Twin Peaks so much. It’s filled with mystery, oddball characters, and a general vibe of the attractive uncanny.

When the talented knitwear designer Leah Coccari-Swift suggested that she and I team up to create Great Northern, an entire knitting pattern book collection based on Twin Peaks, two things immediately jumped to my mind: I wanted to do a Log Lady sweater, and I wanted it to be in RainCity Knits yarn.

The Log Lady, for those who may not be aware, is generally known for her mystic non-sequiturs and Cowichan-style wardrobe. I’ve always wanted to make a sweater like this; a sweater that has bold, simple colourwork in rad, bright colours. A sweater that is cozy and fun to knit and the first thing you think to throw on when the temperature begins to drop.

RainCity Knits fits this design perfectly! I mean, besides the obvious strengths of bright colours, Krista has worsted-weight yarn that’s just the right amount of bounce and warmth, with neutrals that make those neons pop and a hand to the fibre that makes every stitch a great pleasure. RainCity also comes from a place that’s super close to the location of the actual show Twin Peaks. Snuggled right there on the west coast, the atmosphere of trees and cloudy days and moody vibes are infused into the very material of the sweater itself.

My Log Lady inspired sweater has twisted ribbing, a zippered front, and is topped by RainCity Knits’ Electric Coral colourway. Pairing this with the beautiful soft grey makes a worsted-weight Cowichan style sweater that is totally updated for a new generation.

Want to help make Great Northern happen? We’re raising funds on Kickstarter in order to create a print version of the collection and do this fantastic, rich, subject matter justice.

Visit the Great Northern website for details on the collection and to contribute to the Kickstarter.